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Through Jim’s work experience and education, he has developed and gained exceptional horticultural skills, experience in turf management, floral installation and care, native plantings, tree selection, planting and care.


From managing landscapes at a large post-secondary institution, to providing leadership in environmental stewardship, Jim Galbraith has the skills and experience to properly educate property owners.


To contact Jim Galbraith about acquiring his services, please call or email him directly.

Still raking up my lawn in November.

November 21/2017 was a really nice day, windy but great  to be outside.  However with wind comes a problem with one of my mature trees. 30 years ago I planted a sunburst locust and a shademaster locate along my property line. Both trees  have done very well, however the black pods from the shade master […]

Salt and its use for snow and ice.

  Another environmental issue dealt with during my employment was winter and the management of walks, roads and parking lots during snow events.. The use of chloride based products was routine, however we struggled with rates and results. With trainings on the types of  deicing material available and their effective operating range and a few […]

Winterizing your garden

With winter just around the corner, it is important to winterize your garden to ensure it is ready and healthy for next spring. Newly planted trees should have been staked, which is important for establishment of the plant. Theses stakes should be left a minimum of two growing seasons, and inspected periodically to ensure that […]

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